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Dragon Friend Win.

31 October 2008
this makes me amazingly happy.

this makes me amazingly happy.


and two pills knock you out…

30 October 2008

So I recently wrote about the various medications I’ve been taking for my back. (see: and one pill makes you small…)

I’ve discovered why I don’t tend to mix muscle relaxers and other pain medicines.

Both my naproxin and my cyclobenzaprine list drowsiness and dizziness as a side effect.  Taken alone, I can handle either pill.  Together… well… I became a walking, or sitting rather, zombie.  I would seriously just go blank.  Also, looking at the computer screen only increased my dizziness.

Needless to say, this was not all that pleasant of an experience.  So, I’m off my pills.  Here’s to hoping over-the-counter ibuprofen keeps the pain down.

start walking (notes on cold weather fashion)

30 October 2008

(I seem to be on a fashion kick… oh well… and no pun intended for this next entry…)

I lived in the city long enough to go through one winter, and in that short time I learned there is just something you seriously cannot do without.  Good boots.

Chances are, here in the Second City area, you won’t really have to be climbing through large mounds of snow — more like the banks created by the plows that decide that sidewalks really don’t need easy access points… Or in the neighborhoods where people just refuse to get out and do their civic due of shoveling their sidewalks.  However, boots are a must.

Since it’s already hit the 30s, and with the wind and everything it feels like the 20s… students across campus have already started donning their winter wears.   Well, not so much as in coats and such, but the boots are out in mass.  And there’s one boot fashion trend that seems to not want to die.

classic uggs

classic uggs

The Ugg.

They hit the peak of their popularity in the early 2000s.  Anyone who was anyone had on these boots, pants tucked in, so everyone could see that you were indeed stylish.  A very popular outfit with these were sweatpants.  It was the “I just got out of bed” look… and seriously, who wouldn’t want to wear the most comfortable and warmest clothes they could in the winter?  I, however, refused to buy Uggs.  Not just because I was bucking a trend, but because frankly I thought they looked dumb.

the fluff momma by ugg

the fluff momma by ugg

Best of all with the Uggs… the Fluff Momma.  I kid you not, that’s the official product name of these horrific sasquatch feet of boots.  Yes, make me look like a giant snow beast.  It’s exactly what I want.

I find these boots to be absolutely hilarious.  Maybe if you live somewhere that it doesn’t snow much, or they don’t use salt or sand on the roads, leaving dirty slush everywhere… maybe then could these boots survive past one winter.  The idea of washing one of these after a romp around the city seems beyond what most people would ever want to do.  Granted, they do look warm though.

The boots that strike my fancy are from Blowfish and Rocketdog — two companies which happen to be related.  Both brands have produced shoes and boots in the past that I’ve been oh-so tempted to purchase, and sometimes I question why I haven’t yet.

two different style of blowfish boots

blowfish boots

Blowfish first caught my eye with their Hobbit boots.  I’ve seen knockoffs at retail stores, but I’m not going to settle for anything but true hobbit boots.  Not only do I like the style, it just makes me giggle when I think about hobbits.  (The boot on the left, the Hey Now, is basically a higher cut of the Hobbit boot.)

I wouldn’t wear the Hobbit boots around this winter, not once it starts to snow.  I’m not even sure I’d do the same with the Hey Nows, but it just depends on how water proof I could make them with various sprays.  The boot on the right, the Faldo, is a flannel boot… Again, as long as I could keep it dry (or at least my socks) then I might consider these.

rocketdog boots

rocketdog boots

For something a bit more waterproof, and well a better twist on the classic snow boot, I’d probably want the rocketdog popcorn boot (shown on the right) or the honeydew (on the left) — both of which, by the way, are vegan.  These boots would definitely survive various jaunts around the city, slush and all.

And well, apparently the only way to wear boots now is to tuck in whatever sort of pants you have on.  This would be the only reason I’d probably ever get skinny jeans (with hips like mine, I don’t really need to accent them).  Granted, I don’t tend to wear my boots around the office… Anyway.  Tucking in, though it used to be something I’d thought was sort of silly, is very practical.  I tend to be quite fond of dry pants, so keeping them out of the muck is key.  Last winter I was surprised more than once by the depth of a snow patch or slushy puddle.

This year I’m actually looking for a new pair of boots.  And though I’m leaning towards something faux fur lined, I’ll be passing on the Uggs (though an old high school friend swears by them).  Knowing me, I’ll end up buying two pairs… this has definitely been a year for shoe buying for me.  What can I say, I like footwear.

various boots I might find acceptable

various boots I might find acceptable

truth that (aesthetic) history repeats itself? (steampunk & lolita)

29 October 2008


Chances are you’ve already heard about steampunk by now.
Or, at least, maybe you’ve seen various steampunk things — such as this keyboard.

More and more people are jumping on board with how awesome a lot of this steampunk stuff is.  I mean, seriously, I know I would like to take my gen 1 17″ intel iMac and give it a glorious make over of rich woods, brass fixtures, and ivory inlays…   Not being very tech-craft savvy myself, I know that this is all a dream and I’ll probably not own a shiny steampunk computer.  (It’s more likely that I’ll just buy a newer, larger, iMac and just be happy with that.)

an essential

an essential

Anyway.  I don’t generally love to just jump on the bandwagon and follow miscellaneous trends until the next thing comes along…  However, there’s definitely appeal to steampunk.  It’s a very aesthetically pleasing trend.  And well, it has been around for awhile — though well, I’m kind of glad it hasn’t exploded in the past because then it might have died off…
I’m still hesitant though.  I think, for me, it’s more of the idea of sticking to just one style seems so limiting and makes me cringe.  And because I can’t really just choose one style and stay with it, I would definitely feel like some sort of poser if I attempted steampunk.  At least the fashion.  I’d be okay with the gagets.  Maybe just one or two pieces or something.

check out these wears...

check out these wears...

I will say I think the outfits are pretty cool.  Though, well, maybe I’m just more into the men’s fashion than the women’s.  (What can I say, I’m a sucker for dressed-down suits, vests, and good hats… plus all those fun accessories!)  Mostly I just can’t see myself in those dresses all the time.

Which that brings me over to this Neo-Victorianism and this big trend in Japan (or so I’m told) — Lolita.  Now, I’m still very new to this… but from what I understand, it’s a complete dedication to the trend.  High tea and everything.  Though, well, you’ll still see girls in Lolita dress clutching their cell phones as well as their parasol.

I wouldn’t have known anything about Lolita if I hadn’t see it first hand.  Yep, it’s here in the Northern Territories.  While walking around campus, I came to pass a young Japanese woman in this babydoll victorian dress, with a very lovely, albeit lacy and very feminine, coat, knee-high socks with lace and a bow at the top, heals, and yes the parasol too.  All of this was starch white.  This type of outfit caught me off guard, because you don’t see it every day — nor expect someone to wear it every day, and not as some costume.  Anyway, it was beautiful and fascinating.  (I will say though, from perusing the interwebs, I have yet to find many images that display the beauty that I saw on campus.  Most is just either goth lolita or sweet lolita — these little subsets are all… interesting…)

sweet lolita in pink

sweet lolita in pink

introspective retrospection

28 October 2008

Sunday night during our mall dinner, Mennogirl asked an interesting question…
What would High School Rini think of Present Day Rini?

A lot of time when I think about high school, and who I was in high school, it’s a huge sigh of relief that I’m not that person any more.  Not that there was anything absolutely terrible about high school or the person I was… I’m just happy to be who I am now.  I’m by no means perfect, but I’m pretty damn content and confident with the person I am.

In high school I ran around with a decently large group — we made a dinner reservation for 22 for our senior prom.  We pretty much were all in band and drama together, and I’m pretty sure we made up the science club as well.  I wouldn’t say that I was unpopular in high school, but where I was at the popular kids were the rich kids or the drugged-up jocks (sometimes they were one in the same).  People knew who I was, and I was just content on getting through those four years.

at QHC's Winter Sneak, probably 2002, I'm in the yellow

QHC Winter Sneak, ~2002, I'm in the yellow

High school me was fairly emotional, part of that was because I was depressed during the first part of it.  And I will admit to cutting and having suicidal thoughts… but I got through it.  I was also one of those surface level Christians, one where your image as a Christian was more important than your actual faith and beliefs.  But those were also the types of Christians I was running around with too.  Say one thing, do another… My favorites were the one who when they wanted a refill at a restaurant we frequented, they’d tap their cups on the table until the waitstaff came by.  They also rarely tipped, or at least, not very well.

Anyway.  It’s no surprise that there was drama in the drama club.  Rumors, acusations, backstabbing… those were the days… It wasn’t uncommon for someone to stir up something just because they were bored.  To minipulate others.  By senior year I was just done with it all.  I didn’t invest much into it and just decided to enjoy what I could.  I even remember saying one day at lunch that I probably wouldn’t keep in touch with anyone, but maybe two or so people, once I went to college.  My friends were “hurt” and “offended” — but it was true.  When I went up north, only one person from school visited me the entire time.  However, they would make trips south, but apparently going north was too difficult and too far despite the fact that I was the same distance away as the southern friends were.

(I will say, though, that not all of my friends were terrible people.  There were some pretty awesome people there to.  Some of which, a select handful, whom I still keep in contact with to this day.)

out on the lawn, I'm in the brown skirt

out on the lawn, I'm in the brown skirt

Goshen was a good place for me.  After four years I was (and still am) amused by how many people knew who I was, who had heard of me.  I’m actually sort of sad that it’s all over.  Yeah, I liked the classes and all, but mostly it’s just been hard to leave the people.  We joked around about community a lot at GC, but that’s really what kept me there.  I was given so many opportunities in so many areas, but really it was the fact that I was surrounded by an amazing group of people.  People who helped me grow.

I made a choice in college to not be that person I was in high school.  Not to get involved in a group like that again.  And to just be a stronger person.  I definitely believe that after those four years at GC I am indeed a stronger person.  I’m not a completely different person, but I’ve grown and evolved.  I’m associating with some rather awesome people too.

I’ve still got a lot further to go, but I’m doing pretty well.  High School Rini should be impressed.

they offered me the buddha…

28 October 2008

But I offer you this…

They Didn't Offer Me You - The Nobodys.

Yes! Not-so-classic 80s new wave.  The Nobodys.

Why am I so attached to this video, nay, this band?
Simple.  See that tall lanky guy playing that pretty awesome upright bass?  Yeah.  That’s my uncle.
Back when I was just coming into this world, he was just getting a bit of recognition in the music world.  The Nobodys had one album — which I own (on cd and vinyl).   It has hits like “I Scratch”, “Just One of Your Legs”, and “I Am Helpless Without My Computers”…  Their hit “No Guarantees” was featured on Miami Vice and in the movie First Born.  .. I also have the December 1984 issue of Seventeen Magazine… and yep, they’re in there too.

My uncle now focuses on work, still lives out in California… and plays a lot of bluegrass (he’s an amazing muscian, and mostly playing mandolin right now)…

Anyway.  Happy Tuesday.

and one pill makes you small…

27 October 2008

It’s been a while since I’ve been on muscle relaxers for more than a few hours.

Typically, I’ll take one before or during some spasms.  Most of the time I’ll just sort of pass out for a few hours and when I wake up I feel a lot better.  With this new development of intense pain in my back and neck, I’ve been on a daily regiment of cyclobenzaprine and this new (to me) NSAID called naproxen.  (Previously I’d been on lodine… and I was once on propoxyphene-n too…  They seem to always give me cyclobenzaprine now, since I had a really bad reaction to just a half dose of skelaxin.  )

Work has definitely been interesting.  It’s amazingly hard to focus, not just on work but anything.  I just go blank.  I’m tired and just slightly dizzy.  All to be expected with these pills, hence why I normally like to just stay home while I’m on them.

My little personal pharmacy has almost become an amusement to me, though still slightly embarassing.  It’s all pain killers and muscle relaxers, and even my vertigo medication.  I think most of the embarassment comes with the issues those pills were prescribed for, starting 6 years ago…  Unexplainable acute paralysis, tremors, spasms… I’m not as strong or as healthy or as physically capable as I’d like to be.  And doctors can’t and couldn’t find any explainations.  So I get more pills just to take care of the symptoms.  I definitely don’t have a habit or anything, but it would be easy to start one if I wanted.  My mom went had some extreme back problems once, and we got to compare our medications.  It’s nice to know I don’t need to worry about bringing my little bag-o-pills to her house for those “what-if” emergencies.

Sometimes I think that maybe bionics are the way to go…

my kittens have a serious case of the crazies.

26 October 2008

I woke up this morning to find that my kitchen floor had been replaced by mounds of shredded paper towel.

(I was actually kind of wondering when they were going to perform some sort of classic pet destruction. Some thing that could be captioned.)

These kittens don’t even play innocent. They were still attacking the bits of paper as I was attempting to clean up. I, unfortunately, didn’t seize the opportunity and grab my camera to document their first large scale terror.

Anyway, not 2 minutes after I had thrown out all of the paper towel bits and what was left of the roll… Tuija proceeded to horf. Luckily, the kleenex box is still in tact, so I was able to easily take care of the kitty vomit.

As any pubescence experience, the awkward phase between kitten and cat has left my kitties with two modes: sleep/cuddle/love and RUNRUNRUNRUNATTACKRUNRUNATTACKAHHHHHHH!!!!NINJA!!!

damn my… poor choice for a saturday night…

26 October 2008

this is a complete waste of a saturday night.
a completely disappointment.

all I’ve done today is get an x-ray of my neck taken at the hospital (I’ve been in a lot of pain this past week, especially the last three days)…

But tonight is just a massive void.

It seems everyone has plans… I could have. Dan and Adam are going to/at a costume party. With my pain medication and muscle relaxers, I’m not supposed to consume alcohol — which I can go to a party and not drink, Dan certainly does. Last night at the Green Mill I didn’t drink either. I think it’s more of the number of unfamiliar people. I’d rather just spend tonight with my friends, enjoying each other’s company and conversation, eating cookies and ice cream.

I’m starting to regret not being in the mood for a party.

though I hate a third post…

21 October 2008

everything has been too serious here today…

so this is justifiable and called for in every way…

Unicorn & Kittens

Unicorn & Kittens