just when I discover the meaning of life, they change it…

The Streets – Everything is Borrowed [mp3]

A lot of times we underestimate the power of a well picked, nigh perfect, playlist.

I listen to music every day, or as close to every day as possible.  Even if I don’t have something playing, there’s generally a song still playing in my mind.
I’m one of those who can listen to the same album every day for six months before changing it.  Or the same song on repeat for an entire afternoon.

But there are times, when you wonder if there’s some greater force out there… times when your playlist so impeccably fits that moment… it’s simply perfect.  Everything connects.
Words fail.  Absolutely fail.
I love those moments…

This morning I had one of those moments.
Every song so echoed the moment, I couldn’t help but smile.  All else fades away.  This is the soundtrack of your life…

I need to thank a special person for this soundtrack… if it wasn’t for their blog, I wouldn’t have had any of this music nor really known of its existance.  When I read Kyle Dean’s blog, see what he’s doing with his life, I just have to laugh a little.  I know this person.  This is my friend with such a unique life — a few years previous we were hanging out at the theatre or talking about various girls over drinks… exchanging quips… And now he’s out there rubbing elbows…


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