they offered me the buddha…

But I offer you this…

They Didn't Offer Me You - The Nobodys.

Yes! Not-so-classic 80s new wave.  The Nobodys.

Why am I so attached to this video, nay, this band?
Simple.  See that tall lanky guy playing that pretty awesome upright bass?  Yeah.  That’s my uncle.
Back when I was just coming into this world, he was just getting a bit of recognition in the music world.  The Nobodys had one album — which I own (on cd and vinyl).   It has hits like “I Scratch”, “Just One of Your Legs”, and “I Am Helpless Without My Computers”…  Their hit “No Guarantees” was featured on Miami Vice and in the movie First Born.  .. I also have the December 1984 issue of Seventeen Magazine… and yep, they’re in there too.

My uncle now focuses on work, still lives out in California… and plays a lot of bluegrass (he’s an amazing muscian, and mostly playing mandolin right now)…

Anyway.  Happy Tuesday.


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