truth that (aesthetic) history repeats itself? (steampunk & lolita)



Chances are you’ve already heard about steampunk by now.
Or, at least, maybe you’ve seen various steampunk things — such as this keyboard.

More and more people are jumping on board with how awesome a lot of this steampunk stuff is.  I mean, seriously, I know I would like to take my gen 1 17″ intel iMac and give it a glorious make over of rich woods, brass fixtures, and ivory inlays…   Not being very tech-craft savvy myself, I know that this is all a dream and I’ll probably not own a shiny steampunk computer.  (It’s more likely that I’ll just buy a newer, larger, iMac and just be happy with that.)

an essential

an essential

Anyway.  I don’t generally love to just jump on the bandwagon and follow miscellaneous trends until the next thing comes along…  However, there’s definitely appeal to steampunk.  It’s a very aesthetically pleasing trend.  And well, it has been around for awhile — though well, I’m kind of glad it hasn’t exploded in the past because then it might have died off…
I’m still hesitant though.  I think, for me, it’s more of the idea of sticking to just one style seems so limiting and makes me cringe.  And because I can’t really just choose one style and stay with it, I would definitely feel like some sort of poser if I attempted steampunk.  At least the fashion.  I’d be okay with the gagets.  Maybe just one or two pieces or something.

check out these wears...

check out these wears...

I will say I think the outfits are pretty cool.  Though, well, maybe I’m just more into the men’s fashion than the women’s.  (What can I say, I’m a sucker for dressed-down suits, vests, and good hats… plus all those fun accessories!)  Mostly I just can’t see myself in those dresses all the time.

Which that brings me over to this Neo-Victorianism and this big trend in Japan (or so I’m told) — Lolita.  Now, I’m still very new to this… but from what I understand, it’s a complete dedication to the trend.  High tea and everything.  Though, well, you’ll still see girls in Lolita dress clutching their cell phones as well as their parasol.

I wouldn’t have known anything about Lolita if I hadn’t see it first hand.  Yep, it’s here in the Northern Territories.  While walking around campus, I came to pass a young Japanese woman in this babydoll victorian dress, with a very lovely, albeit lacy and very feminine, coat, knee-high socks with lace and a bow at the top, heals, and yes the parasol too.  All of this was starch white.  This type of outfit caught me off guard, because you don’t see it every day — nor expect someone to wear it every day, and not as some costume.  Anyway, it was beautiful and fascinating.  (I will say though, from perusing the interwebs, I have yet to find many images that display the beauty that I saw on campus.  Most is just either goth lolita or sweet lolita — these little subsets are all… interesting…)

sweet lolita in pink

sweet lolita in pink


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3 Responses to “truth that (aesthetic) history repeats itself? (steampunk & lolita)”

  1. rini Says:

    The picture of the steampunk couple came from: .. there are more pictures on his blog.

  2. Mary Magdalia Says:

    I don’t know as much about steampunk, but I can tell you that with lolita, very few people would think you were a poser if you only wore it part time. Your average lolita actually doesn’t commit her entire life to the fashion, because who really wants to spend all their time drinking tea? I do know, from lurking on steampunk communities, that many steampunks are already goths, punks, lolitas, etc. and they probably don’t all commit fully to the fashion either. It’s all just good fun. 🙂

  3. rini Says:

    I think with a lot of these subculture type trends, it would indeed be very challenging to completely immerse yourself into it every day.
    I’d definitely like to meet some steampunks and learn more about the style first hand. Who knows, maybe I’ll be donning some goggles in a couple months or so!

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