my first (and hopefully last) 911 call…

This is from my halloween night… see: this post.

As we were walking, there was a lone man on the side walk.. we passed him, said happy halloween and just continued…. From behind us we heard “Hey t-rex!  Hey! Hey! Hey T-rex!”… Our Dragon turned around, and as he had done other times that night, went “I’m a dragon” with a good flop of his wings.  We continued on… as did this man… he continued to follow with us.  Eventually putting his arms around Sara and I — who were trying to get to the van as quickly as possible and were a few feet in front of the guys… This is when I number of scenarios started racing through my mind.  As well as “where are the guys?”  From what I could tell though, Sara had a pretty good grip on herself, and so I wasn’t terribly worried.  This man made it very clear to us that he had other plans for Sara and I… (Again, “where are the guys” was going through my head…)

Once in the van, which I entered quickly and found myself in the farthest corner possible… U-Turn closed the door… This man decided to “help”… opening and closing the door multiple times saying “Let me help you” — eventually stopping one last time, with a look on his face that was all the reason for me to be concerned, a with a quick hand, stole U-Turn’s hat, closed the door and began walking away.  Dan, however, wouldn’t get in got out of the van… The hat was thrown down, U-Turn raced out to get it… and after he was in the van, the man had run up to us, over the front of the van and began harassing Dan… who was still not in out of the van.

Some point during this last bit, I decided enough was enough — as had Adam.  He left the van to encourage Dan to join us so we could leave…. I found my cell phone and decided that police involvement was what I wanted.  Now, I realize, 911 is for emergencies.. and well, we were just being harassed — but since I lacked the number for the police department, and I just wanted to get someone out here quick… I dialed those three numbers.  While I was busy explaining what what happening — getting disconnected once, they called back — Dan was still talking with this man.  A friend of the man had run out to try to end the situation and take his friend home… Since I was in the car, I wasn’t aware of what was being said.  (Dan has since shared his version of the story, and it confirms that this man had other plans for Sara and I…)

The situation ended — we all went home, and I don’t know if the police ever showed up.  I don’t know if Dan, or any of the others, saw the situation like I did.  I saw the potential for things to go really badly.  Had this man had a weapon… Had there not been 5 of us.. Had this man’s friend not come…

I was pretty shaken up by this for most of the night… On the ride home, I attempted to fight back tears… eventually I just laid down with my head in Adam’s lap and tried to focus on other things…
I had been taken advantage of and assaulted in my past — even as recent as this summer….  As this man approached us, my mind went racing back to those events…  The men from my past who disregarded what I wanted… The memories I try to ignore and move past… Maybe without those memories I could have been more calm in this situation, realizing that it wasn’t going to go badly.

Others can retell this story, joking about how terrible a night we had… And a part of me wonders if maybe I had over reacted, taken it too seriously… … regardless.  That night is over, and I made it home.


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3 Responses to “my first (and hopefully last) 911 call…”

  1. rini Says:

    I do want to state that this is the story as far as I remember things happening….

    … the comments I add are ones I feel are important to give a greater picture on what happened that night…

  2. rini Says:

    “I was in there when you were in the car. And while [the man] was slamming the door shut I was trying to lock it. When he stole [U-Turn]’s hat I jumped out. Now, this part Is open to interpretation, but when I went to get back into the Van he jumped on the hood, that startled me, I didn’t want to drive while he was on the hood, then he fell off the hood and got between me and the door. That’s when Adam jumped out. Maybe I could have gotten back in faster after [U-Turn] had grabbed his hat. But from my perspective it would have been extremely difficult. … I’m glad you called 911. I always want the police in that situation, and I thought about doing it when he put his arms around you. I thought about doing it several times, I’m not sure why i didn’t. I think it’s always a good call.” – Dan (via google talk)

  3. mennogirl Says:

    Wow, that does indeed sound like a really scary experience and I think you were right on for calling the police. I am sorry you had to go through that and I think your reaction to it (especially considering past experiences) makes a lot of sense. I am really glad you are okay now! *hug*

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