unmentionables (the one where I talk about my underwear)

This week I did my laundry for the first time since… well, possibly September… I actually can’t remember.  Which is pretty pathetic, though not necessarily gross.

I have this habit of buying new clothes… and so, it sort of destroys my motivation for doing laundry since I always have clean clothes.  This is especially true with socks and underwear.  I have it in my brain that I just don’t have enough, and so instead of washing what I already own, I go out and get more.  And well, I actually enjoy shopping for these things.

I don’t do this with bras really.  I used to buy the <$15 bras, they weren’t anything special… I still do check Target’s clearance section for bras (it’s how I get some of my bright colored ones).  But now, I’m sort of investing in my bras…   A poorly chosen or poorly made bra makes for unhappy boobs.  And I don’t know anyone who likes unhappy boobs.   But this means that I will only buy one or two bras at a time now.  Most of them averaging about $45, and I think the most I’ve spent on one is $55.  Which seems absurd, but I like the bra so I just deal with it.

Anyway… after this last time of washing all* of my socks, underwear and bras, I decided to take an inventory.  (I still have yet to wash things like shirts, pants, and dresses… those can wait.)

washed: 35 pairs
total owned: somewhere near 75 or 80
I own about 18 pair of knee high socks

washed: 49 pairs
total owned: somewhere near 60-65
predominate color(s): pinks and black
predominate style: bikini or string bikini; I only own 3 thongs and the pink one is missing (one came with a bustler/corset)

washed: 8
total owned: 28 or 30
I think there’s about 4 or 5 strapless, about 5 or 6 pinks ones, and only two black and one blue.

Now, there’s a good 20 or so pair of socks that I just don’t wear any more.  Various prints that I’m not interested in.  Up until this past year, I hadn’t owned any white socks since 8th grade.  Everything was colors or prints.  At this point in my life I really don’t care.  The only all white socks that I own though are all ankle socks.  And with my bras, I think only about 10 or 12 I would wear on a regular basis — only about 4 of those are my “favorites”, meaning I give them preference.  And I only have two pair of underwear I don’t really wear.  One still has the tags on it, and there’s really no good reason for why I haven’t worn it since I purchased it 3 years ago; and the other is a pair I bought while I was in China and they’re just a bit snug now.

Basically.   I have a lot of socks and underwear.  I enjoy my socks and underwear.  It’s just a bonus when someone else gets to enjoy them too.

Tuija going to attack my bras

Tuija on her way to attack my bras


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4 Responses to “unmentionables (the one where I talk about my underwear)”

  1. Erica Says:

    A girl needs her socks and underwear!

  2. rini Says:

    We do. And I definitely take samples and free merch — hell, sponsorship? 😉
    I think I can dig the Hue lines.

  3. Abby Says:

    brilliant picture of the attack kitten and dear lord girl, you have the “foundational garments” covered 🙂

  4. rini Says:

    what can I say, I was raised by a boy scout. Be Prepared.
    .. actually, that’s a lie. My mom was the one who raised me.
    I’m just damn lazy when it comes to laundry. Plus, I’ve got my based covered — comfy, seamless/”barely there”, sexy… I’m ready for all occasions.

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