the saga…

Apparently I’m addicted in the non-medical/harmful/literal sense to blogging and journaling.

I don’t generally like to cross-reference my blogs, one of them in particular.  Ideally, I like for readers to assume that the apparent similarities are just coincidence, though we all know the truth.

For more on that: read this post.

Wait? Wench? What?  ….
At one point in my life I was a Beer Wench at a thrill park… it also makes for a damn good bowling name too.

Why don’t you use the actual names of some geographic locations, businesses/places, or people?
Just for a slight bit of amusement for myself.  Anonymity can be enjoyable.

Do you seriously expect people to buy you gifts?
F no.   But, on the off chance that someone’s in a giving mood… has some spare cash just floating around… or for someone’s simple amusement in seeing what type of materialistic garbage I’m interested in.. I decided to put my list up.
Tuija and Kaija definitely expect gifts.  You wouldn’t want to make them sad now would you? No. ‘Cause only bad people make kittens cry.

What’s up with the velociraptors?
OMG VELOCIRAPTOR ATTACK! For more on that: see this post.

Why did you copyright protect your blog??
Easy.  There are such lame people out there as blog scrapers.  They take other people’s work and post it.  There was a site that decided to take any and all of my posts with a particular tag… and I didn’t want to be associated with that blog due to their blogroll and the fact it was an entirely scrapped blog.  None of that was their own original work.  So I warned them about DMCA and we’ll see what happens.  But for now, my blog is copyright protected…. but I will say, not all of my pictures are mine nor did I get permission to use all of them… some of the general ones are just images I found on The Google.  If they want me to link their images to their site or give credit or something, they can just talk with me… A good number of original pieces are indeed linked to the artist or whatever.

So what do you use for your videos, I noticed it’s not high quality…
I do indeed own a camcorder… a small little canon that I got for completing high school way back in 2003.  That however, like many things, was stolen by my mother — she’s also stolen my electric bass (which I stole from my brother), and my electric guitar… However, seeing my mom rock out in her praise band has been worth it.  Anyway.  I use a Canon SD450.  It was the “my colors” feature that sold me on canons.  Anyway.  So yes, I’m using a point-and-shoot camera for my videos.  I’d be more than willing to accept a nicer (yet still small in size) camcorder if anyone would be willing to donate one to me…
Also.. you can find all of the videos in one convenient place: YouTube.

this blog was created: 24 September 2008

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