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i heart xkcd

5 December 2008

and here’s why: friends


damn it feels good to be a gangster

26 November 2008

or: Things I Am Thankful For 2008


1. Lil G
Most adorable niece ever.  Seriously.  She never ceases to amaze me, and is a pretty smart little girl.  I just want to spoil her, more so than she already is.  Plus, she gets bonus points for knowing all of the words to Rhianna’s “Umbrella” — as tired of the songs as you might be, it’s so worth hearing over and over again with this amazing 3 year old singing.

img_48282. My Momma
If you’ve ever wondered where my dorkiness comes from, yeah here’s it is.  All from mom.  She’s perfectly okay with it too.. which is awesome.  She feels the need to let me know whenever she sees a monkey, and is constantly sending me Get Fuzzy comics or lolcats.  And while some moms steal their children’s instruments because of the noise… my mom stole my electric guitar and my electric bass (which I stole from my brother) so she could play them.  Every Sunday she rocks out in her church’s praise band.. and yes, she does jump and play barefoot.  Pretty awesome for a grandma.

timmy3. Timmy!
Despite the typical older brother things (see: punching, headlocks, wrestling, cracked noses), my brother is really important to me.  I mean, yeah.  (see: the wench)  I still look up to him a lot.  And if I’m going to go shopping with anyone, Timmy is among my first choices.  I like his style, and he tends to find good things for me.  I don’t always agree with things he’s doing, or some of his choices… but I love my bubby.  And hopefully within a year’s time we’ll have similar tattoos (cherry blossoms).

family4. Dad, Cynthia & the girls
Actually.. I want to say, I am amazingly thankful for Cynthia.  She is a blessing to our family.  Other than Karen, my late stepmom, I can’t think of another woman to join our family and help raise my sisters.  Her humor works really well with dad’s — so that’s been great for him.  She’s well traveled, and sees the importance of a good education and higher education (meaning my sisters might be convinced to go to college even more so). She’s taken on a lot — never been married and now she’s got 4 girls at home, two adult children and a grandchild.  She’s pretty amazing in my eyes.  And as always, I’m thankful for the love and care that my dad gives me.  And I’m growing to appreciate my younger sisters more and more.

5. Family in general
My whole family is awesome — and I’m thankful for all of them… all of the grandparents (5 grandmas and 4 grandpas)… the aunts and uncles… all the cousins… I’ve got a pretty awesome and very supporting family and that’s been amazing.

6. My job
While I could do without the data entry and some of the tediousness.. I am indeed thankful for a full time job with benefits where not only am I paid well, but I’m appreciated.  I’ve got a boss who’s really understanding and actually is concerned about me and my goals outside of the facility.  Not many people are this lucky right out of school.  Plus, having a nice income with few bills.. well… my wardrobe, entertainment, and video game budget has definitely increased.  (I get to play with lasers and liquid nitrogen. bonus.)

7. The amazing group of people I call my friends
Seriously.  I feel pretty lucky.  I don’t even think I could name them all.  There have been a select few who have really been there for me and have seen me at my best and worse, and yet they still love me.  Two in particular I practically see as sisters now: Chrizzle and Mennogirl.  They’re pretty amazing.  And I’ve got my uber spectacular group of GC Kids whom I love and miss.  There’s my work friends (George whom I enjoy our evening walks to the train; and Dani and Meaghan who can only be described as wonderfully zany).  Topping everything off with some really amazing people who I’ve met recently — most of whom I’ve met thanks to Dan and Adam… The potluck group… The awesome folk of the reading band and the Mucca Pazza memebers I’ve been lucky enough to get to know… I’ve really got an amazing group of people in my life right now.  (Who else would put up with velociraptor attacks and nonstop dorky nerdom?)

8. The Kits.
Crazy as they may be… I love Tuija and Kaija.  They are just awesome little wonderpets.  Psycho little wonderpets sometimes… but awesome.  Two kittens are a bit much, but it wouldn’t feel right only having one of them.  Definitely a package deal.  And I’m appreciating how they’re morphing into cats and are enjoying a good cuddle.

9. Buffalo/Hot wings.
you taste so good.  there needs to be more of you in my life.

have fork will… eat?

7 November 2008

my friend Eric made a fork…. and well, you know me, easily amused.

what goes best with a cup of noodles

You can also find it on this blog. (which is where I found it, thanks to Eric)

this ain’t a scene…

2 October 2008

So last night I found myself here — a fashion show hosted by local magazine…

Honestly, I don’t think I knew what I was getting myself into.  Not that it was superbly grand, had any hints of scandal, or even so tragic it was epic.  But it was amusing none-the-least.

Yesterday evening I received a call from my friend Dan (who lives further north than I do), “Do you want to go to a fashion show? .. I can’t get you home at a reasonable hour.”  So I ceased my cleaning, borrowed my roommate’s car, and made my way into the city.

What I know of fashion shows are other people’s experiences.  The media industry’s version of beautiful people, various pieces of fabrics and textiles which are interpreted as clothing, people who think they’re important, and free stuff (gift bags-o-swag).
There was a short show, girls with slightly edgy nearly pop punk hair (meaning it had some color), and clothing that looked very wearable — something I wasn’t expecting.  Normally things you see on runways aren’t things you’d like to go out and buy for your general wardrobe.  There was free wine (the party was hosted by a wine company), a not-so-terrible DJ (but it wasn’t enough to convince my friends Dan and Adam to partake in some ass shaking), various photographers and videographers, and of course, Wicker Park’s hippest kids.
At moments, it was like Fall Out Boy meets Gossip Girl.

Dan and I both donned our suit vests, Adam sported a good tie, and Sara (Adam’s roommate who’s an intern at the zine) rocked her red hat.  I think we made a good presence.

It wasn’t a dear diary night, but the good company and the interesting environment led to an enjoyable night.  Plus, we capped it with dinner food.