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you’re it!

13 October 2008

k. so just fyi… I don’t know if this will affect those who use rss feeds… but I’m going to be updating all of my posts — adding tags.

previously I hadn’t really wanted to use tags, but I’ve given in.

Also…. changed the name again.
I think this might stick though.


post-collegiate to hopeless…

30 September 2008

I created this blog less than a week ago and I already got tired of my first attempt with naming…

So, onward now.

Hopelessly yours… was the name of my radio show at 91.1FM WGCS The Globe.  Who knows.. maybe I’ll continue my Tribute to the Hopeless Romantics…

a mixing of blogs

24 September 2008

This probably annoys me more than it does anyone else… but due to some design constraints put in place by wordpress, I can’t remove the “Posted by” on all of my posts.
And since some people know I posses another blog, well, that’s honestly where the name comes from.

I’m not really comfortable mixing the two, but am out of options.
So just ignore it.

and I guess a minor fyi: that other blog is highly monitored and cross-referencing posts in comments won’t happen.  I might be more lenient here.

not really sure why I’m AR about this.

I’ve changed the display name since posting this, however, I guess it still bothers me… I’ll probably periodically change that name… dependent on mood.