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don’t be shocked by the tone of my voice

12 November 2008

So last night I beat Guitar Hero World Tour on easy.

… Saying “beat” doesn’t quite sound right.  I completed the easy level career mode for guitar… That’s a bit more accurate.  Anyway.  At the end, there was a bonus song during the credits… I don’t even remember what it was…  But afterward, I unlocked more songs… one of them being Weapon of Choice by Fat Boy Slim.

If there’s not a dancing Christopher Walken.  I don’t want to play it.

So.  I was sadly disappointed last night to find out that “Weapon of Choice” on World Tour was not the Fat Boy Slim song we all know and love.  Instead, it was the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.
Now.  I don’t mind BRMC — we used to play them at the Globe.  But man, talk about a let down.  I was definitely looking forward to FBS.

I still stand by my statement: If there’s not a dancing Christopher Walken.  I don’t want to play it.
(but I probably still will)


you should buy me a wii (part 2)

7 November 2008

Video Double Feature.

Guitar Hero v Air Guitar Hero

2 Girls 1 Guitar

Sorry this one’s so short… my memory card ran out of space.

you should buy me a wii (part 1)

7 November 2008

I’ve been craving a Wii for a while now, but for financial reasons didn’t really think too much about it. I had friends with Wiis, so I played every once in a while, plus for a while I just didn’t have time for video games (I know, blasphemy).

But now… This is the time.  I need a Wii.  In fact, the original plan was for me to buy one tomorrow.  … However, due to some unfortunate events I missed 3 days of work unpaid… so I’m not sure if a Wii is in the budget this time.  And well, I’m freaking impatient — so waiting two more weeks for the next paycheck is going to be torture.  Plus, I also feel odd buying myself some of these really awesome, and pricey, things just before the holidays — when my family can purchase these things for me.  Again, impatient.

Buying my DS Lite has really reminded me how much I miss and enjoy video games.  If I could, I would own all the major platforms — though I’m really just excited about the Wii and an Xbox 360.  (No offense to Sony — the PS3 is awesome, I just haven’t had a push for that over the Xbox.)  If I could, I think I would spend all of my time at Zach’s (Libby’s boyfriend)… He and his roommate Morgan have more than enough video games to keep me occupied until I can buy my own.  And well, it’s from gaming at his place that as pushed me over the edge in my desires to own a Wii….

true rockstar

true rockstar

Guitar Hero III.

As silly as I think the game is, it’s incredibly addicting and I’m simply hooked.  There was only two ways I could go with this game: either I was going to love it and be mildly decent at it or I was going to have an epic fail.  But following my true awesome nature, I indeed rocked (as the game told me many times).

My biggest issue is that I tend to skip over songs that I either don’t quite care for aurally, or just simply don’t know.  Obviously I realize they can’t tailor the game to my musical fixations… but from what I’ve seen of World Tour… I don’t think I’ll be terribly disappointed.  I even noticed one of my ringtones on there (Modest Mouse – Float On; Psapp and John Lennon also grace my phone — and, only when the MennoJerk calls, the Super Mario Bros Theme).

.. Anyway.  Since I’m familiar with Guitar Hero, I’m starting off with that.  It means I can easily join up with others — aka Zach and Morgan — and not have to worry about buying a lot of extras.  I will, at some point, purchase Rock Band.  I’ve looked over their playlist and am please.  Plus, a bonus, they’ll be adding Beatles songs (or so my mother has informed me).

Well… At this point, I’m just going to conclude with some visuals for you…. there will be video in part 2.

showing how it's done.

showing how it's done

a blurry ball of awesomeness

a blurry ball of awesomeness