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1 December 2008

So… as I just mentioned (see: post-thanks) I’m selling my iPod to my sister for Christmas.

Basically, the thought behind this is:  I’d spend about $25-30 on my sister for her gift.  I thought about getting her an iPod or other mp3 player for a while. I want a pink iPod (I have blue).  I can offer my sister my blue iPod minus what I’d spend on her for Christmas, rather than giving her a gift card and letting her pick one out herself.  I offer my sister my iPod for $20.

That was it.  I mean, mine works fine and I’ve got the box and everything… as long as she likes blue why not go for it?  So, she took me up on it.  I mean, our 7 year old sister already has one (in green).  She won it at church.  So of course the 13 year old will want one.

Now here’s the big debate for me… which iPod do I buy?
Just replace mine like I originally planned: 1GB pink shuffle. ($50)
Or do I upgrade? 2GB pink shuffle… 8GB pink nano… or 16GB pink nano… ($70, $150, and $200 respectively)
…. I actually really liked the 3rd gen nanos… but those lasted about a year…. you can find them for $100 now though…


I can clip it

holds the amount of songs I need

cheap (if it gets stolen, I’m not as upset)

no screen
nano 4


I can see what is playing

genius feature

it’s newer, so I kinda want it based on that

no clip

more expensive

fewer accessories right now

not sure if it will fit in my radio/charger

not sure if I like the shake to shuffle feature

nano 3


it’s small

I like this design

price has gone down

decent accessories (aka clips)

no clip

can’t get the pink one through apple (no guarantee on condition)

Then, after all of that… how many gigs do I get?
It seems the only thing I know is that I want a pink one.

Your thoughts and opinions are greatly appreciated here.



1 December 2008

Hope everyone had a fun time with food and family (or whomever you spent your US Thanksgiving with).

My holiday was decent.  It was nice to get away for a bit; exchange Tuis & Kai for the Doodles and Tubs of Fun.  And of course, getting to see my family… the tradtion of me carving the turkey…  and actually getting to relax for a bit too.

My Thanksgiving comprised of a quick stop at my late stepmom’s mother’s family’s — an event I typically avoid.  But apparently I have a pretty decent younger cousin, Charlee, who I’ve never met before.. so I just talked with her for a while.  Then we headed off to my dad’s folks.  My newly married cousins, Matt & Kiley were there, as were Timmy and Lil G.  I really do hope that I can continue to get together with Timmy, Matt and Kiley for the holidays.  When Timmy, Matt and I were younger, we spent a lot of time at Grandma & Grandpa’s…  and so now that we’re all adults (or occasionally pretend to be), it’s been nice getting together every once in a while to catch up and continue joking around.

After our filling thanksgiving lunch… the real adults (minus Grandma) took naps… the children ran around… and us young adults sat and talked for a bit.  … Eventually, I had talked the whole family (minus M&K who had to leave) into getting hot wings for dinner… I placed a record order.  $0.60 boneless wing night.  I ordered: 18 plain, 20 sweet barbeque, 10 asian zing, 8 hot barbeque and 5 medium.  A total of 61 wings.  And now I can say the hottest I’ve had is hot bbq.  It was good, but still wow.  Asain zing is still my first pick probably.

Anyway… Friday, my mom and I braved the traffic and mobs of idiots.  I picked up some new ear buds (my panasonic ones had stopped working in the right bud, causing me to question my hearing for a while)… and I got the new Kanye cd too.  Came home and I rested — watched a lot of Deadliest Catch.

Saturday was supposed to be my IsoIsa’s* birthday party.  Unfortunately, he passed out yet again… so we spent a lot of saturday in the hospital, mainly the ER.  IsoIsa fine.  His blood levels were low… he’s having kidney problems (his kidney function is around 25% or so)… but despite all of this, he’s still doing well.  As with 3 of my 4 grandfathers, I know it’s really only a matter of years.  I’ll be lucky if they see me married (if I ever choose to do that)..  But.  He is doing well and is back home.

After lunch, Timmy and I went back to the mall… made some nice shirt purchases and.. and.. FINALLY found boots I liked… However, that saga is for later.  At the mall, Timmy and I ran into his roommate Carter… and then later into Timmy’s brother** Nick and his girlfriend.  We hung out with them for a while.. eventually Timmy dropped me off at mom’s…  where a few hours later I eventually got bored and decided to head off to Timmy’s house… I hung out there, watching him play Grid… got to hear more stories about how Timmy’s ex, the Razzle Rat, is barely watching their daughter (Lil G) and is still a little immature drama queen.  (Seriously, you think I might just be against her for leaving Timmy.. but nope, RR is seriously immature and all of her “friends” think so too.)

Enough of that though.
I got home safely.  I have boots.  And I got to spend some great time with the family.  Even made a deal with Hannah (the oldest of my younger sisters)… she gets to buy my 1GB blue iPod shuffle for $20 for her christmas gift… and well, this just means I get to go out and buy a new iPod for myself.  (more on that later as well).

*IsoIsa = Grandfather (my mom’s dad)
** Nick is Timmy’s brother-in-law, hence, Timmy’s brother, not necessarily mine… though the kid is great.