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gimp diaries: day VII

16 December 2008

Well.  It’s official.  Not Broken.

So yep, that means there’s no other reason for the, now, 7 days of intense pain other than my wrist catching all of my weight when I fell on it.  That whole gravity thing didn’t help either.

This means no cyborg super wrist.  Though they did get rid of the fiberglass half-cast and gave me this beefed up brace.

They also gave me propoxyphene-n (something I’m familiar with).  So at least the pain should be going away, and well, who does’t love narcotic pain medicines?  (Especially ones with warnings like these: “Dangerous side effects or death can occur when alcohol is combined with a narcotic pain medicine.”)

The doctor wants me to do an MRI, but I’m not so much in the mood for that or its costs.  If it doesn’t get better after a month or so, I’ll have it checked out again.  But for right now it’s just going to be me and the propoxyphene-n.

a cyborg super wrist would have been much more awesome

a cyborg super wrist would have been much more awesome


and one pill makes you small…

27 October 2008

It’s been a while since I’ve been on muscle relaxers for more than a few hours.

Typically, I’ll take one before or during some spasms.  Most of the time I’ll just sort of pass out for a few hours and when I wake up I feel a lot better.  With this new development of intense pain in my back and neck, I’ve been on a daily regiment of cyclobenzaprine and this new (to me) NSAID called naproxen.  (Previously I’d been on lodine… and I was once on propoxyphene-n too…  They seem to always give me cyclobenzaprine now, since I had a really bad reaction to just a half dose of skelaxin.  )

Work has definitely been interesting.  It’s amazingly hard to focus, not just on work but anything.  I just go blank.  I’m tired and just slightly dizzy.  All to be expected with these pills, hence why I normally like to just stay home while I’m on them.

My little personal pharmacy has almost become an amusement to me, though still slightly embarassing.  It’s all pain killers and muscle relaxers, and even my vertigo medication.  I think most of the embarassment comes with the issues those pills were prescribed for, starting 6 years ago…  Unexplainable acute paralysis, tremors, spasms… I’m not as strong or as healthy or as physically capable as I’d like to be.  And doctors can’t and couldn’t find any explainations.  So I get more pills just to take care of the symptoms.  I definitely don’t have a habit or anything, but it would be easy to start one if I wanted.  My mom went had some extreme back problems once, and we got to compare our medications.  It’s nice to know I don’t need to worry about bringing my little bag-o-pills to her house for those “what-if” emergencies.

Sometimes I think that maybe bionics are the way to go…