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in whence there was much face rocking…

9 December 2008

I cannot say it enough: Mucca Pazza never fails to deliver.
They’re like the anti-fail… which for a large group of nerds is always an achievement.

Anyway, their show at the Bottom Lounge was amazing.  There was a really great crowd — a lot of people dancing and everyone was just having a good time.  As per usual with MP concerts, I squirmed my way towards the front, landing myself about 4 people back.  Close enough to see everything, but out of range to get hit by the band (which really, I’ve been right up on the stage before, and it’s still just as awesome there).  I don’t think you really can pick a bad spot in the crowd at a MP concert.. however, if you want to dance around you should really be up front.  That’s were the rest of us who love to dance around will be.

If you’ve never been to a MP show before, I highly suggest checking them out.  You can search youtube all you want, but you really won’t get a true feeling for them until you’ve seen them live.  I have yet to go to a live show as fun as one of theirs.   They’re great musicians, entertainers, and all-around great folk (as I’ve mentioned numerous times).  I mean, I still turn into a little fan girl at the shows.  So when they were marching in, and Mark put his hand on my head I seriously giggled with joy.  Hang around after the show and you’ll get a chance to chat with them — it was through doing that I was able to get to know a few of the members and then get involved in the reading band.  (Which reading band is happening tonight: more info at Mucca’s site; notice the circular reference back to Wench there.)

As always, I tried to drag a lot of people to the show… I got Jason to come out with me, and he brought his friend Scott… (We showed up early enough to have some pre-Mucca drinks… which I will say, coming in from outside, a shot of whiskey really does it.)   And since Sara was filming for Venus, Adam and Dan showed up too.  Dan, being Dan, was picked out to do a little solo on Moriya with student conductor Jeffrey Thomas (always a great song/performance).  Dan tends to get soloed out in a crowd.  It’s his nature.

Anyway.   It was an amazing show and I’m looking forward to Reading Band tonight — from the email list it should be a good turn out.  If you’re interested in joining, either contact Mark via the methods on MP’s site or leave a comment here with your email (all comments are monitored, so I’ll edit out your email before it posts if you’ve got more to say).

And now to leave you with some goodies!  Videos from the concert — a little bit from K12 and a full ensemble of one of my favorite songs (hell, I guess I love them all… but this one is quite enjoyable).

Mucca Pazza/K12 - The Centennial

Mucca Pazza - Peace Meal


further proof that nerd are sexy (part 1)

10 November 2008

This weekend, I took a break from my Wii (just purchased on Friday), and joined Sara, Adam, Dan, and Dan’s sister Susan for a night of nerdcore.

My previous experience with nerdcore has been through the wonderful and simply rad Mucca Pazza.  They might possibly be one of my favorite bands.  I’ve also gotten to know a handful of their members, and I actually play with a few of them once a month in the community reading band I’m in.

Anyway… nerdcore hip-hop is something pretty new to me.  And, well, as a young, attractive female with nerdy inclinations… why would I miss out on this?  I typically find in any nerd-related events that the numbers are in my favor as far as the gender ratios.

So I got to see Dual Core, Former Fat Boys, Whoremoans, YT Cracker, MC Lars and MC Frontalot.  It was a packed night that probably didn’t start until sometime between 11-11:30p.  I don’t think MC Frontalot started until after 2a…


FFB & Dino

I think Former Fat Boys was the act that sort of stuck out the most, as far as sort of not quite fitting in with the rest of the night…  Not sure.  It could have been style, it could have been what he rapped about, it could have just been him… Maybe he just didn’t seem nerdy enough for me.  He did how ever take off his pants, and even had a dude in a dinosaur suit come out for two songs… The dino however just walked around and occasionally threw his hands up.  I was expecting more.

Whoremoans had one song that well, I thoroughly enjoyed.  F- the Princess.  The beat was good, and song was catchy… and well… Sara and I just sort of laughed a lot during it.  Granted, we did that throughout the show.  Especially when one of Adam’s grad school friends licked Whoremoan’s man boob.  Seriously.

Anyway… Sara, Susan and I were basically just hanging out in the back (up in the seats), waiting for MC Frontalot.  Not that any of us were familiar with him…   Definitely worth waiting for.  And well… MC Frontalot is kinda hot.  Even hotter when he’s preforming.

MC Frontalot @ Penny Arcade Expo '04

MC Frontalot @ Penny Arcade Expo

The night was good.  The only downside was this small group of obnoxiously drunk people.  I mean, seriously, who tells the performer that you have a better tattoo than they do (though a zombie unicorn is decent)… But yeah, these drunk kids just sort of distracted from everything… The easiest way to be a giant douche at a concert is to get amazingly drunk, sing a long louder than the artist, and then assume this concert is all about you and just for you…. Personally I like to think that MC Frontalot wasn’t all that happy with at least one of them… If only I had a nerf bat with me (nerf just to avoid unnecessary lawsuits on assault and all that)…

We (including some more new friends) all went to the Pick Me Up for some post-concert food.  Being that it was about 3a or maybe later, I opted for a chai… Adam got ice cream, which I thought was silly since it is cold out.  And that’s all I’ve got for that.  … I arrived home at 5a… I could have stayed up and continued with Guitar Hero… but I was one sleepy dinosaur.  (and no, not the type of dinosaur FFB had…)

Videos in part 2.

my first (and hopefully last) 911 call…

3 November 2008

This is from my halloween night… see: this post.

As we were walking, there was a lone man on the side walk.. we passed him, said happy halloween and just continued…. From behind us we heard “Hey t-rex!  Hey! Hey! Hey T-rex!”… Our Dragon turned around, and as he had done other times that night, went “I’m a dragon” with a good flop of his wings.  We continued on… as did this man… he continued to follow with us.  Eventually putting his arms around Sara and I — who were trying to get to the van as quickly as possible and were a few feet in front of the guys… This is when I number of scenarios started racing through my mind.  As well as “where are the guys?”  From what I could tell though, Sara had a pretty good grip on herself, and so I wasn’t terribly worried.  This man made it very clear to us that he had other plans for Sara and I… (Again, “where are the guys” was going through my head…)

Once in the van, which I entered quickly and found myself in the farthest corner possible… U-Turn closed the door… This man decided to “help”… opening and closing the door multiple times saying “Let me help you” — eventually stopping one last time, with a look on his face that was all the reason for me to be concerned, a with a quick hand, stole U-Turn’s hat, closed the door and began walking away.  Dan, however, wouldn’t get in got out of the van… The hat was thrown down, U-Turn raced out to get it… and after he was in the van, the man had run up to us, over the front of the van and began harassing Dan… who was still not in out of the van.

Some point during this last bit, I decided enough was enough — as had Adam.  He left the van to encourage Dan to join us so we could leave…. I found my cell phone and decided that police involvement was what I wanted.  Now, I realize, 911 is for emergencies.. and well, we were just being harassed — but since I lacked the number for the police department, and I just wanted to get someone out here quick… I dialed those three numbers.  While I was busy explaining what what happening — getting disconnected once, they called back — Dan was still talking with this man.  A friend of the man had run out to try to end the situation and take his friend home… Since I was in the car, I wasn’t aware of what was being said.  (Dan has since shared his version of the story, and it confirms that this man had other plans for Sara and I…)

The situation ended — we all went home, and I don’t know if the police ever showed up.  I don’t know if Dan, or any of the others, saw the situation like I did.  I saw the potential for things to go really badly.  Had this man had a weapon… Had there not been 5 of us.. Had this man’s friend not come…

I was pretty shaken up by this for most of the night… On the ride home, I attempted to fight back tears… eventually I just laid down with my head in Adam’s lap and tried to focus on other things…
I had been taken advantage of and assaulted in my past — even as recent as this summer….  As this man approached us, my mind went racing back to those events…  The men from my past who disregarded what I wanted… The memories I try to ignore and move past… Maybe without those memories I could have been more calm in this situation, realizing that it wasn’t going to go badly.

Others can retell this story, joking about how terrible a night we had… And a part of me wonders if maybe I had over reacted, taken it too seriously… … regardless.  That night is over, and I made it home.

a night of tricks, and a few treats (recapping halloween)

3 November 2008

My halloween could only truly be summed up as interesting.

I went straight from work to the Southern Lands of Pilsen — a good practice commute for when I finally move (~90 minutes)… As soon as I arrived I was greeted by hordes, literally hordes, of children.  It was worse than zombies, these mad packs of costumed children demanding sweets.  Seeing as I was outnumbered, I resisted the urge to knock some of them over to steal their candy.  (Okay, so I’m not a terrible person and wouldn’t really do that — but I did want candy.)



Eventually I made it through the sticky and loud see of small peoples and their adults and found myself at Adam and Sara’s where I would get ready for the rest of my evening.  I, of course, was going as a Velociraptor.  A Sexy Velociraptor.  (Which mainly consisted of tube top, skirt, ridiculous heals and a lot of body glitter.)  Adam became a jester, complete with juggling balls.  Sara transformed into a naughty parking meeter.  And our dragon, Dan, met up with us just in time to hit the second house in the progressive we had planned on attending.

Joining Weiss & Celestial for some mulled wine

Joining Weiss & Celestial for some mulled wine

Some of the Mennos of Pilsen had organized a progressive, a party that progresses from house to house, each location offering a different type of alcoholic beverage (or in this case, some added food too)…  House no. 2 happened to be that of Weiss and Celestial’s.  We actually arrived before the rest of the party had progressed there.

All-in-all, we stayed for just two houses, including Weiss & Celestial’s.  And somehow, one of the street sign kids (the U-Turn) ended up joining us for the rest of our night…  (I actually know how he joined us, but I’m going to just ignore that for now.)  So we were off… I was barefoot again — which yes, I know, typically not the smartest move in the city, but my heals weren’t made for walking.

Party no.2 for the night landed us in the heart of Boystown.  We circled the area for nearly an hour looking for parking — which yes was exhausting, but we did see quite a number of interesting folk about.  Nearly every woman was some form of sexy/naughty _____.  Many costumes I had seen online at Wet Seal and other stores.  Sexy Freddie Krueger was pretty awesome.  Anyway… our Dragon Dan decided to just drop us off.. and we began searching for the location.

We thought was had found it… entered the building and went upstairs… and discovered that there was a lacking of collegiate linguistic kids there.  Instead, what we stumbled upon was a bear party.  Adam and U-Turn left after a quick look around.  (Not that they necessarily had anything against bears, it just clearly wasn’t the party we were looking for.)  Sara and I stuck around and enjoyed ourselves for a little bit.  Despite the fact that we were the only females around, no one seemed to be concerned.  We struck up a conversation with some — Sara and the bear had a common connection of Pilsen… I’m only regretting in not sampling some of the foods that were there.  Stuffed mushrooms (which I wouldn’t eat.. ever — who eat fungus?), amazing cheeses, punch, cakes, cookies… it was amazing.  However, with the boys being outside and we still had that linguistic’s party to find… we bid adieu to our new bear friends and headed out.  Apparently, though it was the right apartment number, it was the wrong street.

One block up we were at the right party… Sara and I found more drinks, we all found miscellaneous peoples to talk to, and U-Turn found a girl who wanted his number… However, we still had at least one more party to hit, so we headed off yet again.

Finally at Logan’s Square, we were nearly at the location when Sara recieved a call stating that the party had been shut down and there wasn’t a point in continuing there.  We met up with Evil Kyle (the callee) and discussed the unfortunate event, and decided that since it was somewhere around 2:30 or possibly close to 3 am that we should maybe begin heading south.

What followed next was not enjoyable… and resulted in my first (and hopefully last) 911 call.  …

We all made it home, dropped U-Turn off… and Dan the Dragon headed home.  I crashed at Sara and Adam’s…  there was yet another party for tomorrow…

… Over all… I seriously only saw three Palin’s… no McCains or Obamas…. maybe 3 Jokers, one Old School Joker….

this ain’t a scene…

2 October 2008

So last night I found myself here — a fashion show hosted by local magazine…

Honestly, I don’t think I knew what I was getting myself into.  Not that it was superbly grand, had any hints of scandal, or even so tragic it was epic.  But it was amusing none-the-least.

Yesterday evening I received a call from my friend Dan (who lives further north than I do), “Do you want to go to a fashion show? .. I can’t get you home at a reasonable hour.”  So I ceased my cleaning, borrowed my roommate’s car, and made my way into the city.

What I know of fashion shows are other people’s experiences.  The media industry’s version of beautiful people, various pieces of fabrics and textiles which are interpreted as clothing, people who think they’re important, and free stuff (gift bags-o-swag).
There was a short show, girls with slightly edgy nearly pop punk hair (meaning it had some color), and clothing that looked very wearable — something I wasn’t expecting.  Normally things you see on runways aren’t things you’d like to go out and buy for your general wardrobe.  There was free wine (the party was hosted by a wine company), a not-so-terrible DJ (but it wasn’t enough to convince my friends Dan and Adam to partake in some ass shaking), various photographers and videographers, and of course, Wicker Park’s hippest kids.
At moments, it was like Fall Out Boy meets Gossip Girl.

Dan and I both donned our suit vests, Adam sported a good tie, and Sara (Adam’s roommate who’s an intern at the zine) rocked her red hat.  I think we made a good presence.

It wasn’t a dear diary night, but the good company and the interesting environment led to an enjoyable night.  Plus, we capped it with dinner food.