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unmentionables (the one where I talk about my underwear)

14 November 2008

This week I did my laundry for the first time since… well, possibly September… I actually can’t remember.  Which is pretty pathetic, though not necessarily gross.

I have this habit of buying new clothes… and so, it sort of destroys my motivation for doing laundry since I always have clean clothes.  This is especially true with socks and underwear.  I have it in my brain that I just don’t have enough, and so instead of washing what I already own, I go out and get more.  And well, I actually enjoy shopping for these things.

I don’t do this with bras really.  I used to buy the <$15 bras, they weren’t anything special… I still do check Target’s clearance section for bras (it’s how I get some of my bright colored ones).  But now, I’m sort of investing in my bras…   A poorly chosen or poorly made bra makes for unhappy boobs.  And I don’t know anyone who likes unhappy boobs.   But this means that I will only buy one or two bras at a time now.  Most of them averaging about $45, and I think the most I’ve spent on one is $55.  Which seems absurd, but I like the bra so I just deal with it.

Anyway… after this last time of washing all* of my socks, underwear and bras, I decided to take an inventory.  (I still have yet to wash things like shirts, pants, and dresses… those can wait.)

washed: 35 pairs
total owned: somewhere near 75 or 80
I own about 18 pair of knee high socks

washed: 49 pairs
total owned: somewhere near 60-65
predominate color(s): pinks and black
predominate style: bikini or string bikini; I only own 3 thongs and the pink one is missing (one came with a bustler/corset)

washed: 8
total owned: 28 or 30
I think there’s about 4 or 5 strapless, about 5 or 6 pinks ones, and only two black and one blue.

Now, there’s a good 20 or so pair of socks that I just don’t wear any more.  Various prints that I’m not interested in.  Up until this past year, I hadn’t owned any white socks since 8th grade.  Everything was colors or prints.  At this point in my life I really don’t care.  The only all white socks that I own though are all ankle socks.  And with my bras, I think only about 10 or 12 I would wear on a regular basis — only about 4 of those are my “favorites”, meaning I give them preference.  And I only have two pair of underwear I don’t really wear.  One still has the tags on it, and there’s really no good reason for why I haven’t worn it since I purchased it 3 years ago; and the other is a pair I bought while I was in China and they’re just a bit snug now.

Basically.   I have a lot of socks and underwear.  I enjoy my socks and underwear.  It’s just a bonus when someone else gets to enjoy them too.

Tuija going to attack my bras

Tuija on her way to attack my bras


on furrier news

6 November 2008

Apparently one of the next important, and I say that fairly loosely, decisions that the Obamas have is what type of dog to get.  This has seriously made the news — even in the uk and canada.  And personally, I’m entertained by it.  (and of this as well.)

It will honestly not impact my personal life whether they choose a rescue pup, a pure breed, or even a hybrid.  While it will indeed, and apparently, make a statement if they rescue a dog from a shelter, they really should just pick the best breed (recognized or not) for their family.

I did a lot of research on breeds growing up, and of course I had “puppy” on my christmas list for many years.  Finally, for my 14th birthday my mom said we could get a dog.  We had just moved into our own home and had a yard, and my mom had these naive notions that just because it was my dog I’d actually walk it….  Well, even though I had done research, we didn’t pick a purebred — nor could we afford one really.  We went to ARF (the Animal Rescue Fund) and found us a scrawny little guy.  He was in a litter of four — there were two black fluffy puppies (a girl and a boy) and then two skinny brown puppies with some black points (also, a girl and a boy)…  With my brother’s help, we picked the runt.

Our Handsome boy.

Our Handsome boy.

And that is the story of how Dexter joined our family.

He’s part Collie, part German Shepherd, and Part Labrador Retriever.  Or as I like to call him, he’s a Doodle — only, minus any and all traces of -oodle.

He’s been an amazing dog to have.  Barely barks — only if there’s someone at the door, and only once at one of my brother’s friends.  He likes to curl up amazingly small and pretty much just be the most adorable puppy you can find.  He’s got a great temperament, and well is just happy.   He’s got feathery hair behind his ears, on his legs, and on his tail — all of which likes to form dreads, which I generally have to trim out.

Anyway.   According to those news sources listed way above, the Obama girls are interested in a Golden Doodle, which sadly isn’t near my own Doodle.  It’s a Golden Retriever-Poodle mix.  The AKC is hoping they’ll get just a standard Poodle.  (Personally, I don’t see the Obamas as a Poodle family…. granted, I just generally don’t care for Poodles… unless on skirts.)  .. And PETA is hoping they’ll get a rescued dog, a pound puppy.  Again, honestly, they should just get what they want.  Since their daughter has an allergy, it might not be a bad idea to get a pure or hybrid breed… with the Great American Mutt, you can’t guaruntee the whole hypoallergenic coat thing.  Though, you might be able to find one in a shelter somewhere.

I’ve very pro-pet — well, very pro-responsible-pet-ownership.  I think pets can be great companions, and also great entertainment (and I’m not talking Michael Vick stuff).  But I definitely think that if you have the resources, the time and the affection… You should invest in a pet.  It is indeed a lifelong commitment — generally about 10 years or more for the larger ones (this includes rabbits too!), and well, anything from a year to five or so with some of the smaller ones.  I’ve been lucky to have quite a few awesome pets — starting with Kitty (also named Miah Tiger), then Dexter, then Bear, and now Kaija and Tuija.  (more information found: on this page).  I’m looking forward to the holidays, Tuis & Kai will get a sitter of some sort (maybe jrosei and her sisters), and I’ll get to see Dex and Bear — along with the rest of my family (and their pets — Muffy the Cairn Terrier, Jenna the Neopalitan Mastiff, Mr. Molly the cat, Giget the spoiled Shih Tzu, and Laddie the annoying terrier mix….)  … Dexter’s the best though.  Seriously.  He wins.

my puppy loves me

my puppy loves me

my kittens have a serious case of the crazies.

26 October 2008

I woke up this morning to find that my kitchen floor had been replaced by mounds of shredded paper towel.

(I was actually kind of wondering when they were going to perform some sort of classic pet destruction. Some thing that could be captioned.)

These kittens don’t even play innocent. They were still attacking the bits of paper as I was attempting to clean up. I, unfortunately, didn’t seize the opportunity and grab my camera to document their first large scale terror.

Anyway, not 2 minutes after I had thrown out all of the paper towel bits and what was left of the roll… Tuija proceeded to horf. Luckily, the kleenex box is still in tact, so I was able to easily take care of the kitty vomit.

As any pubescence experience, the awkward phase between kitten and cat has left my kitties with two modes: sleep/cuddle/love and RUNRUNRUNRUNATTACKRUNRUNATTACKAHHHHHHH!!!!NINJA!!!