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damn it feels good to be a gangster

26 November 2008

or: Things I Am Thankful For 2008


1. Lil G
Most adorable niece ever.  Seriously.  She never ceases to amaze me, and is a pretty smart little girl.  I just want to spoil her, more so than she already is.  Plus, she gets bonus points for knowing all of the words to Rhianna’s “Umbrella” — as tired of the songs as you might be, it’s so worth hearing over and over again with this amazing 3 year old singing.

img_48282. My Momma
If you’ve ever wondered where my dorkiness comes from, yeah here’s it is.  All from mom.  She’s perfectly okay with it too.. which is awesome.  She feels the need to let me know whenever she sees a monkey, and is constantly sending me Get Fuzzy comics or lolcats.  And while some moms steal their children’s instruments because of the noise… my mom stole my electric guitar and my electric bass (which I stole from my brother) so she could play them.  Every Sunday she rocks out in her church’s praise band.. and yes, she does jump and play barefoot.  Pretty awesome for a grandma.

timmy3. Timmy!
Despite the typical older brother things (see: punching, headlocks, wrestling, cracked noses), my brother is really important to me.  I mean, yeah.  (see: the wench)  I still look up to him a lot.  And if I’m going to go shopping with anyone, Timmy is among my first choices.  I like his style, and he tends to find good things for me.  I don’t always agree with things he’s doing, or some of his choices… but I love my bubby.  And hopefully within a year’s time we’ll have similar tattoos (cherry blossoms).

family4. Dad, Cynthia & the girls
Actually.. I want to say, I am amazingly thankful for Cynthia.  She is a blessing to our family.  Other than Karen, my late stepmom, I can’t think of another woman to join our family and help raise my sisters.  Her humor works really well with dad’s — so that’s been great for him.  She’s well traveled, and sees the importance of a good education and higher education (meaning my sisters might be convinced to go to college even more so). She’s taken on a lot — never been married and now she’s got 4 girls at home, two adult children and a grandchild.  She’s pretty amazing in my eyes.  And as always, I’m thankful for the love and care that my dad gives me.  And I’m growing to appreciate my younger sisters more and more.

5. Family in general
My whole family is awesome — and I’m thankful for all of them… all of the grandparents (5 grandmas and 4 grandpas)… the aunts and uncles… all the cousins… I’ve got a pretty awesome and very supporting family and that’s been amazing.

6. My job
While I could do without the data entry and some of the tediousness.. I am indeed thankful for a full time job with benefits where not only am I paid well, but I’m appreciated.  I’ve got a boss who’s really understanding and actually is concerned about me and my goals outside of the facility.  Not many people are this lucky right out of school.  Plus, having a nice income with few bills.. well… my wardrobe, entertainment, and video game budget has definitely increased.  (I get to play with lasers and liquid nitrogen. bonus.)

7. The amazing group of people I call my friends
Seriously.  I feel pretty lucky.  I don’t even think I could name them all.  There have been a select few who have really been there for me and have seen me at my best and worse, and yet they still love me.  Two in particular I practically see as sisters now: Chrizzle and Mennogirl.  They’re pretty amazing.  And I’ve got my uber spectacular group of GC Kids whom I love and miss.  There’s my work friends (George whom I enjoy our evening walks to the train; and Dani and Meaghan who can only be described as wonderfully zany).  Topping everything off with some really amazing people who I’ve met recently — most of whom I’ve met thanks to Dan and Adam… The potluck group… The awesome folk of the reading band and the Mucca Pazza memebers I’ve been lucky enough to get to know… I’ve really got an amazing group of people in my life right now.  (Who else would put up with velociraptor attacks and nonstop dorky nerdom?)

8. The Kits.
Crazy as they may be… I love Tuija and Kaija.  They are just awesome little wonderpets.  Psycho little wonderpets sometimes… but awesome.  Two kittens are a bit much, but it wouldn’t feel right only having one of them.  Definitely a package deal.  And I’m appreciating how they’re morphing into cats and are enjoying a good cuddle.

9. Buffalo/Hot wings.
you taste so good.  there needs to be more of you in my life.


VOTE. (seriously, or a velociraptor will hunt you down.)

4 November 2008

I voted today.  But you should already know that.

rock its face off.

rock its face off.

This isn’t the first time I’ve voted… I voted in the Crossroads a few years ago, just something local.  If you can do the math, you’ll see that I’m old enough that this is actually the second presidential election I could have voted… But this is the first time I’ve done that.

What was I doing in 2004?
Well… honestly, I had a choice.  Drive two and a half hours down to my hometown and vote… (I’m not one for absentee… not because I don’t trust it, I just don’t trust my own motivation.)  .. or I could drive (aka ride in a car) two and a half hours (or so) to the Second City and be in the audience of Jerry Springer.

Yep.  That was my choice.  … and well, yeah… You can see me on tv a few times… I’m way up in the corner thinking “man, I could easily see a good portion of my high school class fitting in here….”  It was an interesting time, and well, my friend Dbo actually had some air time… (they chanted “Democrat” and “Go to Oprah” to at him… Jerry just said “my kind of guy”…)  Anyway… in 2004 I was living in a clearly and historically red state.  One that I just recently transfered my registration from, even though it’s now a gray state and I’m in a blue state.  (hooray for colors, right?)

So there you have it.  The lame reason why I didn’t vote last time.

a night of tricks, and a few treats (recapping halloween)

3 November 2008

My halloween could only truly be summed up as interesting.

I went straight from work to the Southern Lands of Pilsen — a good practice commute for when I finally move (~90 minutes)… As soon as I arrived I was greeted by hordes, literally hordes, of children.  It was worse than zombies, these mad packs of costumed children demanding sweets.  Seeing as I was outnumbered, I resisted the urge to knock some of them over to steal their candy.  (Okay, so I’m not a terrible person and wouldn’t really do that — but I did want candy.)



Eventually I made it through the sticky and loud see of small peoples and their adults and found myself at Adam and Sara’s where I would get ready for the rest of my evening.  I, of course, was going as a Velociraptor.  A Sexy Velociraptor.  (Which mainly consisted of tube top, skirt, ridiculous heals and a lot of body glitter.)  Adam became a jester, complete with juggling balls.  Sara transformed into a naughty parking meeter.  And our dragon, Dan, met up with us just in time to hit the second house in the progressive we had planned on attending.

Joining Weiss & Celestial for some mulled wine

Joining Weiss & Celestial for some mulled wine

Some of the Mennos of Pilsen had organized a progressive, a party that progresses from house to house, each location offering a different type of alcoholic beverage (or in this case, some added food too)…  House no. 2 happened to be that of Weiss and Celestial’s.  We actually arrived before the rest of the party had progressed there.

All-in-all, we stayed for just two houses, including Weiss & Celestial’s.  And somehow, one of the street sign kids (the U-Turn) ended up joining us for the rest of our night…  (I actually know how he joined us, but I’m going to just ignore that for now.)  So we were off… I was barefoot again — which yes, I know, typically not the smartest move in the city, but my heals weren’t made for walking.

Party no.2 for the night landed us in the heart of Boystown.  We circled the area for nearly an hour looking for parking — which yes was exhausting, but we did see quite a number of interesting folk about.  Nearly every woman was some form of sexy/naughty _____.  Many costumes I had seen online at Wet Seal and other stores.  Sexy Freddie Krueger was pretty awesome.  Anyway… our Dragon Dan decided to just drop us off.. and we began searching for the location.

We thought was had found it… entered the building and went upstairs… and discovered that there was a lacking of collegiate linguistic kids there.  Instead, what we stumbled upon was a bear party.  Adam and U-Turn left after a quick look around.  (Not that they necessarily had anything against bears, it just clearly wasn’t the party we were looking for.)  Sara and I stuck around and enjoyed ourselves for a little bit.  Despite the fact that we were the only females around, no one seemed to be concerned.  We struck up a conversation with some — Sara and the bear had a common connection of Pilsen… I’m only regretting in not sampling some of the foods that were there.  Stuffed mushrooms (which I wouldn’t eat.. ever — who eat fungus?), amazing cheeses, punch, cakes, cookies… it was amazing.  However, with the boys being outside and we still had that linguistic’s party to find… we bid adieu to our new bear friends and headed out.  Apparently, though it was the right apartment number, it was the wrong street.

One block up we were at the right party… Sara and I found more drinks, we all found miscellaneous peoples to talk to, and U-Turn found a girl who wanted his number… However, we still had at least one more party to hit, so we headed off yet again.

Finally at Logan’s Square, we were nearly at the location when Sara recieved a call stating that the party had been shut down and there wasn’t a point in continuing there.  We met up with Evil Kyle (the callee) and discussed the unfortunate event, and decided that since it was somewhere around 2:30 or possibly close to 3 am that we should maybe begin heading south.

What followed next was not enjoyable… and resulted in my first (and hopefully last) 911 call.  …

We all made it home, dropped U-Turn off… and Dan the Dragon headed home.  I crashed at Sara and Adam’s…  there was yet another party for tomorrow…

… Over all… I seriously only saw three Palin’s… no McCains or Obamas…. maybe 3 Jokers, one Old School Joker….

Dragon Friend Win.

31 October 2008
this makes me amazingly happy.

this makes me amazingly happy.

the daily habituals…

17 October 2008
morning routine - xkcd

morning routine - xkcd

So… I’ve actually been thinking of my morning routine for a few weeks now…. and I decided to share it (along with my whole day) with you. (aw, yay. .. right?)


    1. 6:13a – alarm goes off, I’m either out of bed already, or debating whether to pull my comforter over my head…
    2. Shower — hot, steamy goodness.  5-20minutes.  depends on how I feel.
    3. sitting at either my computer or my laptop (in the living room), checking the weather, email, facebook, the interblags, and possibly watching the last Daily Show on hulu.
    4. somewhere near 7a – get dressed.
    5. dental hygiene, hair, make up.
    6. grab lunch, take vitamins (if I remember), pack bag
    7. shoo kittens out of my room, turn off my music, put on shoes
    8. leave for work — 4 El stops.
    9. ~8a – Work.  Work. Lunch.  Work.  Interblags.  Work.
    10. ~5p – leave work — ride the El with George.  (I do actually look forward to this)
    11. ~5:25p – arrive home.
    12. Kittens, foodstuff, interblags, reading, random mild debauchery, maybe a movie…. chaos and whatnot.
    13. turn on music, dental hygiene, change into my peejays, go to bed…
    14. 1 hour later… kick kittens out of my bed room
    15. fall asleep.

      wake up, See Weekday# 2, 3, get dress about 30-40 minutes later (sometimes longer), 5, 12, 12, 12 (probably with friends), 13, 14, 15

      You also have to throw in random things like:
      dancing, calling mom, talking with Chrissy, dancing, velociraptor attacks, and lot of randomness with various friends who are awesome, reading band once a month (started by Mucca Pazza), non-profit planning meeting (started by the reading band), more dancing, meandering around the city, and (hopefully) potlucks on sunday*

      Yep.  That’s pretty much it.

      *I’ve only been to one.  Had a superb time.  Hoping to attend more.

      i’ve been needing to get a unitard… (see also: tribute 10.15.08)

      15 October 2008

      Last night, Weiss and I kept up with one of our favorite Second City traditions…
      We saw Casiotone for the Painfully Alone perform.

      This was my 3rd concert, Weiss’ 4th. (I was out of town or something for one of them…)

      smoked beer

      smoked beer

      The night was really great.  We met up early for dinner at Piece, and decided that we could actually finish off a medium pizza (which we did).  I got a beer that Adam had introduced me to on Friday (also at Piece).  Our waiter described it as “a campfire in a bottle”, it’s also been described as “liquid bacon”… it’s a smoked beer, absolutely amazing, but I can’t finish a whole bottle.

      Because we met up two hours before the show started, Weiss and I had time to discuss a whole array of topics.  One of which being this upcoming holiday and my lacking of costume.  We decided to think of “Sexy _____”… but not your standard ones (anyone can do “Sexy Nurse”, “Sexy Cop”, “Sexy Witch”, and even “Sexy Hobo”).  The list will eventually be on Shoup.  But I think I’ve got my costume picked out… I just need to make some purchases.

      Anyway, we eventually left Piece and headed over to the Bottle to see CFTPA.  Apparently Weiss and I are showing our age — or rather, someone else’s, because being out late like that should have been natural for 20-somethings.  When we got there, the first group had just started — sBach.  Definitely a unique group.  At first I wasn’t sure, but I quickly decided that I indeed liked them and even purchased their cd after their set.  I feel this will be perfect SMASH & KILL music for when I eventually start playing more video games (more on that in a future post).  After sBach was Ill Ease, who definitely took some getting used to.  Great musician though — a one woman band.  So much energy too.

      Finally it was time for CFTPA to take the stage.  As always, Owen provided an amazing show.  I think I’ll be purchasing his newest release…  He never played my request, but I won’t hold it against him.  And as always, I’m already looking forward to his next show in the city.

      When all was said and done and Weiss had two CFTPA cds, we boarded a bus, departed ways at Ashland as Weiss headed to the southern lands of Pilsen and I went off to the Brown Line.
      Okay.  Here’s the thing.  When I left work yesterday, there was some notice about the Red Line and something happening from some place in or near the Loop all the way up to North/Clybourn from 9pm to 2am.  So I just assume that it’s closed and rerouted, so I’ll just take the Brown to Fullerton and switch…. well, I get to the Brown at 12:50am.  The last train is scheduled for 12:58.   It’s 1:10a and the train hasn’t come.  So the CTA worker comes out and says she’s going to lock up the station and that the train isn’t coming.  I pass this message on to the other guy who’s waiting… so we walk together to the Red Line.  (Which was nice… not walking alone in an area just 15 minutes before I saw a man push a woman — I couldn’t tell if the woman was on something and harassing him, or what was going on, I didn’t stick around.)  We get about 2 blocks from the station, turn around, and there’s the Brown Line train, just leaving…  Yeah.  So Red Line it is.
      The Purple Line has already stopped at this point, so I’m just concerned about just eventually making it home my whatever means.  At Howard, I just miss the N201 bus — which would have taken me about 4 blocks or so away from my apartment… rather than waiting about 30 minutes for the next, I contemplate walking the 8-12 blocks home.  Daytime, not a problem.  2am.  Eh… maybe not the best of ideas.  Luckily there’s a cab there… $5 later I’m home.

      Anyway.  Now I’ll leave you with your tribute…. I’ve seen this artist before, and to have her paired up with CFTPA is just awesome.

      White Corolla - Casiotone for the Painfully Alone

      what angle should you run to maximize your chance to stay alive?

      14 October 2008

      So. If I say Velociraptor, either of two images should enter your mind….

      raptor #1

      raptor #1

      raptor #2

      raptor #2

      However, being the person that I am, I love to see what the wiki says about things. Typically I like to think that the majority of entries haven’t been influence by some television comedy news host.

      But low and behold, when I went to gain more information about this creature, I get this:

      apparently what velociraptors looked like...

      apparently what velociraptors looked like...

      as compared to a human...

      as compared to a human...

      Yes my friends, according to science now, this little runt of a bird is closer to what the velociraptor looked like. I for one, am highly disappointed.

      I’ll still give this little guy the benefit of the doubt in that I’m sure it would still kick my ass any day.

      one flew over… (an introduction to my mind)

      7 October 2008

      So, I’ve claimed at various times to have an overactive imagination.

      It can definitely be a love-hate relationship, but for the most part, I wouldn’t want to give it up.

      One of the simplest ways of describing my imagination is that my mind doesn’t really have an off switch.  Yes, I can “zone out”, but typically there’s something going on up there and I’m so focused/distracted by it that I sort of loose touch with what’s around me.
      There’s really no good way of putting into words what’s happening in my mind.

      Some times it’s like my life’s a movie or some sort of show, and there’s this invisible audience.  I can see exactly how I’d want the camera to move and frame the shot for that particular instance in my life.  Of course, when I was working in film, that was sort of nice and welcomed.  Making those shots into reality weren’t always easy, but it was nice to have some sort of vision for the project.

      Occasionally it’s like having various people, or sometimes a zoo, up there.  JenJen!theamazing and I discussions on this throughout high school, as she has a league of muses that have entertained and assisted her for a while.  It’s not like hearing voices.  Though, well, occasionally you do have to question your sanity.

      The whole questioning my sanity thing has been sort of difficult at times.  A lot of times it’s just laughing things off as “wow I’m weird”… but there are times when I really don’t know if something actually happened, or if I imagined it.  Did I really have that conversation?  Or, what ended up being extremely taxing on my emotional well-being, I question whether I’m creating issues.

      In high school, I began having unexplainable health issues.  I was in ceramics, it was the morning, and I just became extremely dizzy.  I remember my teacher having to walk me down to the nurse’s office.  While I was sitting there, the nurse asked why I was holding my hands like that — curled into claws.  I had no clue, I was still dizzy.  But then panic set in.  I couldn’t move my fingers.  After about an hour of panic and struggle, my right hand slowly regained movement.  My left hand was stuck.  And so began my journey into the world of medical tests and general annoyances.

      The paralysis lasted about ten days.  Came back right in time for junior prom — granted, it was still decently useless as I continually dropped things.  So well, basically, I had a small selection of friends who were convinced that I had faked the entire ordeal.  Mine you, this particular ordeal included MRIs, MRAs, various x-rays, lots of blood work, a trip to a neurologist, and a rather painful electro-shock-like test that I never want to endure again.  And basically, because it has been.. oh, 6 or so years since all of this began… and various doctors and neurologists haven’t figured anything out… I began questioning whether all of my symptoms were in my head too…  Granted, that was a load of crap.  They might be made worse my stress, but I’m pretty positive I didn’t fake this.

      But given that my mind does wander, and sometime uncontrollably, until I get a diagnosis — any diagnosis — there’s always going to be that small fraction of a percent of doubt in my head.  Anyway.  That’s just one side of it.

      Generally, the overactive imagination hasn’t been too bad.  I am pretty easily amused.  A lot of times, rather than just get a song stuck in my head, it’s a whole music/dance video.. and yes, most of the time, I’m the star.  (But a lot of that has to do with my own self-confidence, which in itself can amuse me — I am damn awesome.)



      A lot of times I can control things.  But as my close friends will admit, the randomness that I can produce is just truly.. beyond words.

      (Mennogirl‘s recent birthday dinner being a decent example — OMG VELOCIRAPTOR ATTACK!  or.. unicorns! — sadly, no velociraptor pictures exist.)