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i heart xkcd

5 December 2008

and here’s why: friends


some xkcd in the morning

13 November 2008

terminology - xkcd

I’m amused.

Now, I’ve pretty much lived all my life in the Midwest.  It wasn’t until about three or five years ago a friend tried to dispute this.  He’s from Nebrasucka.  He claimed he was from the Midwest, and that the Lakes were technically the Mideast.  Pshaw my friend.  Pshaw.  The Lakes are the Midwest.  You’re just central.

the daily habituals…

17 October 2008
morning routine - xkcd

morning routine - xkcd

So… I’ve actually been thinking of my morning routine for a few weeks now…. and I decided to share it (along with my whole day) with you. (aw, yay. .. right?)


    1. 6:13a – alarm goes off, I’m either out of bed already, or debating whether to pull my comforter over my head…
    2. Shower — hot, steamy goodness.  5-20minutes.  depends on how I feel.
    3. sitting at either my computer or my laptop (in the living room), checking the weather, email, facebook, the interblags, and possibly watching the last Daily Show on hulu.
    4. somewhere near 7a – get dressed.
    5. dental hygiene, hair, make up.
    6. grab lunch, take vitamins (if I remember), pack bag
    7. shoo kittens out of my room, turn off my music, put on shoes
    8. leave for work — 4 El stops.
    9. ~8a – Work.  Work. Lunch.  Work.  Interblags.  Work.
    10. ~5p – leave work — ride the El with George.  (I do actually look forward to this)
    11. ~5:25p – arrive home.
    12. Kittens, foodstuff, interblags, reading, random mild debauchery, maybe a movie…. chaos and whatnot.
    13. turn on music, dental hygiene, change into my peejays, go to bed…
    14. 1 hour later… kick kittens out of my bed room
    15. fall asleep.

      wake up, See Weekday# 2, 3, get dress about 30-40 minutes later (sometimes longer), 5, 12, 12, 12 (probably with friends), 13, 14, 15

      You also have to throw in random things like:
      dancing, calling mom, talking with Chrissy, dancing, velociraptor attacks, and lot of randomness with various friends who are awesome, reading band once a month (started by Mucca Pazza), non-profit planning meeting (started by the reading band), more dancing, meandering around the city, and (hopefully) potlucks on sunday*

      Yep.  That’s pretty much it.

      *I’ve only been to one.  Had a superb time.  Hoping to attend more.

      what angle should you run to maximize your chance to stay alive?

      14 October 2008

      So. If I say Velociraptor, either of two images should enter your mind….

      raptor #1

      raptor #1

      raptor #2

      raptor #2

      However, being the person that I am, I love to see what the wiki says about things. Typically I like to think that the majority of entries haven’t been influence by some television comedy news host.

      But low and behold, when I went to gain more information about this creature, I get this:

      apparently what velociraptors looked like...

      apparently what velociraptors looked like...

      as compared to a human...

      as compared to a human...

      Yes my friends, according to science now, this little runt of a bird is closer to what the velociraptor looked like. I for one, am highly disappointed.

      I’ll still give this little guy the benefit of the doubt in that I’m sure it would still kick my ass any day.

      tribute… (10.8.08)

      8 October 2008

      so I decided to bring back the tribute to the hopeless romantics… well, okay.  So it never existed in blog form.  But as previously mentioned somewhere, it had been a weekly feature (at 8pm every wednesday) on my radio show (also called hopelessly yours…).  So it made since to bring it here as well.

      For this first one, I bring you nerdy-love…  (I realize there are a lot of great xkcd, but I like this one.)

      the glass necklace

      the glass necklace

      Fairly certain xkcd will be featured a decent amount. xkcd = nerdy-love.